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Lego Kids’ 9000560 Legends of Chima Laval Clock

LEGO Legends of Chima is now also focusing on producing Chima products that are absolutely useful for kids. There is now the Lego Kids’ 9000409 Legends of Chima Crawley Watch for the bigger kids who are fans of Chima legends. They can have the absolute use of this watch wherever they go.

For the school kids, we also have the two IRIS LEGO® Legends of Chima® Project Cases with 1 Base Plate each available in Blue and Red. These can contain your kids’ school small projects or they can use it at home to put in their small toys or LEGO brick sets or minifigures. Their building base plates can definitely be useful whenever your kids’ would like to construct their LEGO sets on it or stand their minifugures while the cases are very useful as school organizers.

chima laval

We also have the IRIS LEGO® Legends of Chima® Minifigure and Brick Storage Pencil Case, Set Blue/Green. These are for your kids’ pens, erasers, pencils, brushes and for keeping in their Chima minifigures. And because the project cases and these pencil cases are both made by IRIS®, a licensed American company that manufactures different LEGO products, they are definitely safe, free of toxic chemicals and durable.  Kids can enjoy these because they have Laval and Cragger’s pictures on them. Other than these, we also have the LEGO Legends of Chima Backpack which is just right for school kids who are proud fans of Chima but have lots of school stuff to carry to school.

The Laval Alarm Clock

Now, let us introduce to you another product that your kids would love to have inside their rooms and beside their beds and this is no other than the Lego Kids’ 9000560 Legends of Chima Laval Clock. Parents know that their kids get inspired and feel reenergized whenever their rooms have some displays of the characters they like such as their favorite cartoon characters, animal figures or even their superhero stuffs. But since lots of kids now love the Legends of Chima characters, this Laval alarm clock would give them the boost they need for their rooms. 

Laval Clock

Priced at only $30 at Amazon but will be available only on July 1, the 90000560 Legends of Chima Laval Clock have its special features:

This Laval alarm clock is made of hard LEGO plastic material so it is safe near kids. If ever it malfunctions and it is still within its 2 years warranty, you can return it to Amazon for replacement. Your kids will love this because this is the first version of Chima Legends of Chima clock representing Laval as well as the Chima legends. Not only your kids got a clock and an alarm with it, they also get Laval figure as well.

So if you are a parent and knows that your kids love the Legends of Chima minifigures, you would surely make your kids happy by giving this Chima Laval Clock to them as presents. For sure, they can make use of it especially the school kids.

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LEGO Legends of Chima: Beware of the Wolves (Chapter Book #2) – Paperback

Legends of Chima is an all-out Lego theme story that is full of adventures where the good animal tribes are always against the bad animal tribes in order to maintain peace and order in the magical land of Chima.

From the Chima videos and the Chima comic books, we can identify who the good and the bad guys are. But for the sake of the kids who clearly want to know which tribes are the protectors of the Chi and the tribes that are up to stealing it, they can read much info from the book LEGO Legends of Chima: Official Guide (Paperback) as well as watch videos from the collected Legends of Chima: The Complete First Season videos.

wolf tribe

In these media, kids will see that the good guys are the Lions, Eagles and the Gorillas. The bad guys are the Crocodiles, Ravens and Wolves. The good guys create an alliance to make themselves stronger and be effective protectors of the Chi Sacred Pool. However, the bad guys also create their own alliance to become more powerful and deadlier so that they can easily take Chi crystals from the pool and use it to conquer the land of Chima.

Who Are The Wolves?

The Crocs are the main villains in the Legends of Chima story. They started the war against the Lions. But the Lions are unified, smart and strong. They also have the Eagles on their side. The Crocs can’t beat them while the Eagles are helping the Lions so they also asked the Wolves to unite with them and promised them to give them equal share to the Chima kingdom once they take out the Lions and the Eagles from the scene. This is why the wolves agree to be the ally of the Crocs.

The wolves have their own ferocious warriors and their best warriors are Worriz, Wilhurt, Winzar and Wakz. They also have their powerful and deadly fighting vehicles which are available in Lego sets such as the 70009 Worriz’s Combat Lair and the 70004 Wakz’ Pack Tracker. They have their unique Wolves’ weapons and they are always ready to fight.

If you want to know more about how dangerous and brave the wolves are, have this book from Amazon – LEGO Legends of Chima: Beware of the Wolves (Chapter Book #2). Your kids will know how the wolves have teamed up with the Crocs to have their own way of getting a hand on the Chi crystals and piece of Chima.

Chima-Beware of the Wolves

The LEGO Legends of Chima: Beware of the Wolves (Chapter Book #2) has 64 pages and suit kids ages 7 – 10 years old. There are three amazing stories in this book that tell all about the wolves and their scheming connivance with the Crocs just to defeat the Lions and the Eagles. This book will be released at the end of May this year. It has fully colored pages, amazing clear pictures and nice story lines that will draw your kids read from start to finish.

The stories are very well-told, very clear and they got values in them. So in this book, your kids will not only be entertained reading it but they may get the hang of reading more because this book was written by Greg Farshtey, an author of more than 40 novels and and graphic novels. He is also a writer for some long-running BIONICLE series. Now that he is into the Legends of Chima stories, kids will have some grand times learning from a good book and can enhance their reading skills.

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LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey – A Preview

Legends of Chima like all other popular LEGO theme stories also has its own game for gadgets and this is no other than Laval’s Journey, its first ever video game for mobile gadgets developed by TT games. As a trivia, the first ever online video game developed for Chima was Lego Legends of Chima: Speedorz also created by TT Games and 4T2. This has started out right at Lego.com in January this year.

Now that there are already the Legends of Chima buildable sets and the Chima Speedor sets to enable kids have hands-on experience with the Chima products, Warner Bros. also created animated Lego Chima videos to make Chima have worldwide audiences.

Great Chima Products

To complete the kids’ enjoyment in understanding the story of Chima while learning, Lego has even came up with Legends of Chima books and activity books. Added to these, there are a lot of available Chima accessories which we can buy now at Amazon site to give to our kids as presents. There are the Chima minifigures, keychains, backpack, board games, cake toppings and the most anticipated of all, the Legends of Chima video game for mobile gadgets and this is the Laval’s Journey.

Legends of Chima Laval's Journey

LEGO Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey will actually be available on June 18 at Amazon. For its first release, this game has the Nintendo 3DS platform. In no time, there will be the PS Vita and the Nintendo DS platforms as well. Laval’s Journey is an epic adventure wherein Laval will have to face various challenges and must pass them all to unlock the mysterious door that keeps the triple-Chi armour. This armor will provide Laval the power to overcome impossible challenges. However, Cragger, his main crocodile nemesis is also after the armor so if Cragger happens to have the armor first, this can give him enormous power even more so Laval would have to fight double hard to beat him.

You want to know what the Legends of Chima: Laval’s Journey is packing for your enjoyment? Here are what you can play:

    • Discovering and unlocking over 60 characters while on your journey. You will be Laval with your own unique abilities.
    • You can knock down walls with your powerful lion roar and can glide the skies along with your friend eagle Eris.
    • You can earn and use Gorzan’s super Gorilla punch to knock down opponents especially Cragger.
    • You will have the time to explore the magical land of Chima and even pass the croc’s murky land to reach the Spiral Mountain. This is where the Chi River is flowing from.
    • As you make your journey, you can collect power-ups to energize yourself. This will enable you to have access to hidden collectibles.
    • The game has 15 levels. They come from easy to super hard games.

So don’t you think you must be ready for an epic adventure as you will be directing Laval beating races and opponents, winning challenges and unlocking secrets? Don’t forget the date of the release at Amazon. That’s June 18, 2013. This is just the beginning where Legends of Chima can have its time competing with other kids’ favorite video games and TT Games has really prepared for this.

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70014 Croc Swamp Hideout First Preview – Legends Of Chima

The Legends of Chima Croc Swamp Hideout was already an anticipated set starting from the day the first wave of Chima sets were released in January 2013. But although fans have heard so much about it, there is no available information that gives them any ideas how this set really look like. However, with our constant web watch, we have finally found some pictures that will let you see how the Swamp Hideout really appears. And truly, we can say that that this amazing set deserves to be waited.

But first, let’s see what this set’s concept is all about.

The 70014 Croc Swamp Hideout is assumed to be the best counterpart of the 70010 Lion’s Chi Temple which is scheduled for release this summer in America. Because the Lions are the major opponents of the Crocs in the Legends of Chima, it is conceivable that the Crocs should also have a Lego set for their own domain the same as the Lions.

70014 Croc Swamp Hideout

Basic Description

The 70014 Croc Swamp Hideout is one big set that has a lot of play features. The large gaping mouth of a croc is there much like what we see on Legends of Chima ads and videos. However, the overall design of the set is not as swampy and dreary as many have expected. It is rather a large structure with two-floor building and few rooms much like torture chambers. When it is built up (based from the pictures), you can see a crane placed on top of the structure holding a cage fitted for a Lion minifigure. So we supposed that the concept of the Swamp Hideout is that it is not only the Crocs’ major hideout but it is also their prison camp and main fortress so you can see a large cannon on top of the structure manned by a Lion minifigure.

Basically, the color of the overall Croc Swamp Hideout is also patterned with the Croc’s gray-brown color and the swamp which is also mossy brown. And like the Lion’s Chi Temple where King Lagravis holds his podium, King Crominus also has his own platform on top of the Swamp Hideout.

Chima 70014 Croc Swamp Hideout

For those who already have the Chi Temple, having also the Swamp Hideout can be an excellent pairing concept. Imagine this, you got the Lions’ sacred place on one side and the Croc’s Swamp Hideout on the other side and the Lions and the Crocs are in the middle posed to finish each other with their weapons.

The 70014 Croc Swamp Hideout has 647 pieces and features five minifigures. These are King Crominus, Cragger, Crug and Lennox and Leonidas of the Lion Tribe. The surprising things about the Swamp Hideout are Cragger’s and Lennox’s special weapons. These are unique and we don’t see them on other Legends of Chima sets. Other minifigures also have their weapons. There is also the Lion fighting vehicle of the Lions which is really different but looks tough and lethal.  By the looks of the whole set, a story can be told. The Crocs has captured a Lion and kept him in a metal cage and hang the cage on large crane. A Lion would come to rescue his comrade with his fighting machine and fights off the Crocs.

Taking in the 70014 Croc Swamp Hideout can make a big difference among your collection. In our opinion, this is actually the culmination among the Crocs’ collectible Legends of Chima sets. However, we can also expect that there could be more Crocs sets that will really surprise us in the coming days and this set could be the first among these sets. By the way, the release of this unique Legends of Chima set is not yet confirmed as of this writing but we think this will also be on the shelves in the summer.


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Weapons Of The Wolf Warriors In The Legends Of Chima

In the Legends of Chima, the wolves are the fiercest among the bad tribes which also compose of the crocs and the raven tribe. The wolves also have many experiences in battles and the scars in their faces and bodies can show it. Though the ravens have the aerial dominance among the bad tribes, the wolves rule the land because they have the speed, the will to kill, ever-ferocious and are very brave. However, they are not as sharp-witted as the lions who are their primary enemies and happened to be the main guardians of the Chi pool. They can easily be swayed by their anger, can become reckless and wild in an instant. These characteristics always get them into trouble but they are mostly avoided by other animal tribe warriors because they can show no mercy.

It is Worriz, Wakz, Wilhurt and Winzar that are composed of the wolves warriors. Worriz is leading his pack and making the battle strategies. But although the wolves love to battle, they won’t move just as easy without Cragger (croc prince) telling them to move. We will know more of the wolves when we get our hands on LEGO Legends of Chima: Beware of the Wolves (chapter Book#2) which will be released this June 2013.

The wolves have incredible fighting vehicles in the Legends of Chima and these sure look awesome. There is the 70009 Worriz Combat Lair which will be on the stalls around mid 2013 and the 70004 Wakz’ Pack Tracker which is already on the market since January 2013. Both of these are incredible looking fighting vehicles of the wolf tribe and by their features, they also look ferocious, loaded with killing weapons and claws with matching wolf heads.

Now to show you the contents of the wolves’ armory.. ]

The Wolves’ Weapons

• Flamious – Winzar


The Flamious is not only used as a basic flame thrower by the wolves. It is also used by Winzar as a torch. It is fuelled by swamp gas which the crocs mine from their swamps. It can release loads of blazing fire and can even sear an enemy’s vehicle.

• Jahakastaff – Wilhurt


Wilhurt is a wolf hunter and would not be afraid to fight larger enemies because he is equipped with his Jahakastaff, a double-bladed axed that is heavy and tough it can be deadly when swing in any direction. This weapon is purely made of black tar metal that would not bend and chip and Wilhurt will really hurt anyone who dares to come near him once his adrenaline goes rushing and he is holding this weapon.

• Maulus – Worriz


The Maulus is the main weapon of Worriz. This is a heavy club with two heavy fangs that symbolizes the wolf tribe and the Mother Wolf. Its fangs are made of chimoralium, a very durable and heavy stone that can be found in a river where the Chi flows so this weapon is already energized and full of power. Any enemy that would be hit hard by this would be lucky if he could stand up again.

• Maurak – Wakz


Wakz also uses a club but singled fanged which the wolf tribe named Maurak. It is also heavy, easier to carry around but Wakz can swing it like a toy. Anyone who gets hit by it would surely have broken bones or perhaps would not wake up anymore. The Maurak is also the common club of the wolf soldiers.

• Slizar – Winzar


The wolves call this slicing weapon the Slizar because this can slice anything on its path. It looks like a black curved machete and the secondary weapon of all wolf warriors. Some Slizars are also owned by the ravens given to them by the wolves.

• Stafik – Wakz


The Stafik is actually a heavy metal black staff made by the wolves’ blacksmith. Wakz would not go out without his Stafik and most of the warriors have this as their reserve weapons. It can be used in immobilizing enemies with just one blow to the head.

• Stakuku – Worriz


If Wakz has his Stafik, Worriz has his Stakuku. This is a hard and heavy fighting baton that can also put down an enemy with just one blow to the head.

• Vengious of Honor sword – Wakz


Wakz as the most elder among the wolf warriors needed stronger sword so he was given the Vengious of Honor sword. This sword also symbolizes his bravery and his special place in the tribe as the wolves’ veteran. This is actually given to him by Crominus, the king of the crocodile tribe. Crominus recognize Wakz as the wolves’ most reliable warrior.

In the Legends of Chima, perhaps you could notice that some weapons used by certain tribes are also being used by warriors of other tribes especially if the tribes are allies. For instance, the wolf warriors and the ravens have weapons that the crocs have made. However, the ravens also have weapons that they stole from the eagles as the ravens are known for their great thieving strategies. So aside from the mixed used of weapons among tribes, there are also weapons that are also predominantly made by each tribe and keeping them.

Nevertheless, the wolf warriors have their weapons like no other. These weapons are made to create damages and harm. If you can take sets that have the minifigures of the wolf warriors, you would surely find any of these weapons on them and this can provide us ideas how the wolves do their battles in the Legends of Chima.

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Weapons Of The Crocodile Warriors In The Legends Of Chima

Legends of Chima has many interesting features about the Crocodile tribe and its warriors. The crocs, from the beginning of the story are friends of the Lions and Prince Lennox of the lions and Prince Cragger of the crocs were actually best buddies. But because Cragger used a Chi orb while he is not yet ready for his young loses his mind in the process. He went crazy and hurt other creatures but was hit lightly by the soldier of King Lagravis with a pulse gun to disperse the Chi out of him. However, this event was not taken lightly by his father King Crominus of the croc tribe and waged war against the lions.

Weapons Of The Crocodile Warriors


The crocs have four main characters in the Legends of Chima and these are Cragger, Crawley, Crooler, and Crug. Among these four, Crooler who is the sister of Cragger is not technically a warrior. But if you watch the first and second video of Chima, she is the one who actually poisoned Cragger’s mind so he would attack the Lions since King Crominus has failed in defeating King Lagravis’ men and instead their Command Ship fell into a large sinkhole.

In terms of fighting vehicles, the crocs have the largest among the animal tribes of Chima. They have the Cragger’s Command Ship (Item# 70006) and Crawley’s Claw Ripper (Item#70001). These are fully weaponized ship equipped with large cannons, missile launchers and blasting guns. In terms of individual weapons, the crocs are also most prepared. They actually have the most varied weapons among all tribes, from the axe to the pulse guns. So here we present to you their special weapons which you could also have when you buy Lego Legends of Chima sets that have the minifigures of the Croc’s warriors.

Crocs’ Weapons

 Grandiorus – King Crominus


The Grandiorus is the grand old royal weapon of the Croc tribe and only King Crominus is allowed to have it.    This is his protector in times of battle and his scepter as he rules his crocs. Shaped like a huge sword, the Grandiorus has its chainsaw teeth designed to resemble croc’s teeth. Its special powers lie on the red axe crystal that is attached near its handle. This gives this weapon unlimited energy and the crystal blade itself can cut through any hard object.

Royal Hakraxx – King Crominus


King Crominus has also his handy Royal Hakraxx for special reason. This is smaller than the Grandiorus but this axe is also equipped with the red crystal for its blade that makes it a very powerful handy weapon. Unlike other weapons that only have the red crystals as their chargers, this axe is pure energy itself so it can cut through very hard stone and metal with ease. Along with the Grandiorus, the Hakkraxx really fits the king of the crocs. Accordingly, if King Crominus would point it to the Eagles’ plane, it will release a high energy beam and this beam could disrupt the plane’s navigational system.

Gronk/Krank – Croc’s Secondary weapon


The Gronk and Krank are twin maces made by Cranvil, the croc’s best blacksmith. Though they really look the same, they have varied weight and length so they can suit their holders’ grip and strength. These weapons are not only used to immobilize the enemies. They are loaded with spikes that they can be used to dismantle enemies’ vehicles. This is why these are the standard or secondary weapons of the croc warriors. They are both heavy but strong and no need for red crystal to recharge them so their deadly powers always depend on the strength and power of its users. In the Legends of Chima collectible sets, we can generally find these weapons among the Croc minifigures.

Vengdualize – Cragger


The Vengdualize is Cragger’s main weapon. This was given to him by his father King Crominus and Cragger has mastered its deadly capabilities. This weapon’s blades are made from golden leochium that are shaped much like the crocodile teeth. It is a very strong and powerful weapon that can cut logs like matchsticks. Cragger won’t go nowhere without his trusted Vengdualize. This weapon is unmatched because it is powered by red crystal that is charged with Chi so its blade can create loud sparks when it hits metal.

Vengious – Cragger  


The Vengioius is also another Cragger’s weapon and he relies on it as his secondary weapon. Like his Vengdualize, this is also loaded with red crystal and charged with Chi. Other members of the croc tribe especially the bravest warriors are also issued with their Vengious and this can really create devastating slices through the enemies’ armors and bodies.

Slugga – Crug


Crug is the hitman of Cragger and he suits this job because he is the biggest and strongest among the croc warriors. He doesn’t ask question but follows Cragger’s command without hesitation. In this manner, he was issued the Slugga, a hard-hitting pulse gun made by Cranvil. This blasting weapon is equipped with a highly-charged red crystal on its barrel and when fully charged it can release strong magnetic pulse that can knock down enemies in an instant. Its body is made from dark metals that have magnetic qualities so even dropping it hard won’t break it.

 Swampulsor – Crawley


The Swampulsor is Crawley’s main weapon. He uses it during his covert stealing operations and in battles. This hand pulsor gun can release very powerful pulse that can knock down hard an enemy almost without any sound. It is made from a magnetic metal with red fangs made of crook stone and loaded also with a red crystal for its power. This pulsor gun can emit bright red light that is clearly seen at night.

Legends of Chima story has many things to say to us about the lives of the Crocs. They can be seen as the main bad guys in the story but they really do make interesting part of Chima that without them, Chima would not be a battle-ridden story of legends. On LEGO, the minifigures of the croc warriors are very detailed. Aside from their fighting vehicles which are highly getting popular among kids and adults, the weapons of the crocs play very significant role in the way the crocs fight in the Legends of Chima.



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The Power Of Chi On The Legends Of Chima

Legends of Chima as it was told would not be complete without the Chi. Although we have known the animal tribes from reading so many stories about them, some of us do not really comprehend the real story behind the wars that go amongst the tribes in Chima and these have started only because of the Chi. Incidentally, it is the Chi that is the focal point of the story of Chima. This is the one precious thing that the animal warriors are fighting for. But why Chi is so essential? And what really is the Chi? This we have to discuss to understand why there is now the Legends of Chima.

Power Of Chi


The Chi is actually a very powerful natural source that flows like energized water through the sacred waters of Chima. Since it is a natural energized liquid, it gives energy and can support life to all living things in the magical kingdom of Chima. In other words, the Chi is the source of life energy in Chima and without it all creatures big and small may wither away. The Chi contains the power of nature which was condensed and if used efficiently, its stored power can be harvested or transferred to anyone who wants to get energized.

 Use Of The Chi

The Chi is much like a magical form of water. It comes from the magical mountain which is called Mount Cavora. The Chi flows like a river so there is the Cavora River. While in nature, the power that it stores is inactive. But when it reaches the Sacred Pool of Chi and mix with the magic of the pool, its energy comes alive. When the energy becomes active, the Chi’s energy mixes with the minerals that are in the pool thus the blue energy orbs of Chi are formed. This blue orbs are the ones that you see in most of the collectible Legends of Chima Speedorz sets which the animal warriors are fighting to have. In essence, because the blue orbs can give instant power, anyone can store it in his pocket and can use it for extra power when needed

Use Of The Chi


In Chima, the warriors always carry their blue orbs to give them extra power during battles. When needed they put this on their chest armor and in an instance, a strong surge of power can be felt. Because the characters in Chima are beasts, the power of the Chi enhanced their natural animal instincts and their abilities are doubled. They become stronger, more powerful and faster.

Why Chi Must Be Protected?

Because the Chi water also flows on the rocks, Chi crystals are formed and this is what the animal warriors install in their vehicles and machines to power them up. When the crystals are put on the machines, their engines can have strong power for several hours or even days depending on how much power the machine can consume. But because all natural power has the tendency to deplete, the crystals will eventually lose its energy, lose its glow and evaporate. This is the Chi’s way of going back to nature. When the Chi orbs are used by the animals, the Chi can really provide a burst of energy for many hours. But because the beasts’ bodies are made of bones and flesh, eventually, the animals can feel physically drained after a bout of energy burst. Therefore, the Chi orbs must be used wisely and sparingly and during only battles which are deemed necessary.

The Chi in the Legends of Chima gives us the idea that power must not be abused. It must be only used accordingly. In Chima, the presence of Chi has an influence towards the Kingdom of Chima and its creatures. The Chi must not overflow from the Sacred Pool but must not become too little or else there would be an imbalance of natural energy in the whole Kingdom and there could happen natural disasters or calamities. As Chi is the source of all life in Chima, it must always be maintained on the proper level so the Lions must provide some to all animal tribes to prevent overflowing of energized water. Even the Lions’ enemies are provided their Chi since the Lions know that their enemies can utilize more of it other than other tribes.

Fighting For The Chi

The pool of Chi is guarded by the Lions to prevent the crocs, raven and wolves to take more Chi and exploit it. Although these three animal tribes are getting their distribution of Chi, they want more of it to use it for their evil ways. This is why wars sometime erupt in the Kingdom of Chima. It’s the guardians that are composed of the Lions and joined by the Eagles and the Gorillas against the bad guys. The bad guys are headed by the crocs and joined by the wolves and ravens. They have formed their fortresses, fighting machines and settle their differences through games when they want to settle things in more civil manner. This is where the Speedorz sports came about. The Speedorz run six different ways of playing it and you can find six different Speedorz games in the Legends of Chima collectible sets. The tribes each choose their best warrior to compete.

Fighting For The Chi


As Lego’s best bet this 2013, Legends of Chima will bring you to a new adventure because this can really get the attention of kids. This early part of January, there are already a lot of collectible set series that have been released. The characters are made coming from the lines of our powerful beasts to make heroes and the bad guys more powerful and fascinating. They are all armed to the teeth with their unique weapons and driving their amazing fighting machines which are really worthy collectibles.

There would also be TV series for Chima and other than this there are already mobile games about Speedorz ready to be installed on your modern mobile gadgets. The three world’s largest gaming companies, namely, Warner Bros., Nintendo and Sony all collaborated to create online and video games to propagate worldwide the Chima games and be enjoyed by all people. If you want to find out more about Chima, check it online and watch videos to see how exciting to have sets and games of the amazing Legends of Chima.

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Collectible Lego Sets Of The Legends Of Chima

We now introduce to you another five Lego Legends of Chima sets starting from Item number 70006. This is the continuation of the introduction of sets Item number 70000-70005 which we have presented before for you to know the amazing Chima’s sets which are now starting to be released. Some of the mentioned sets here are already out while most of them are due for February release. So here we go with some of the sets.

7006 – Cragger’s Command Ship

7006 – Cragger’s Command Ship

The ship is the most featured content of this set and it is a large ship that belongs to the crocodile tribe and manned by Crugger. This is actually a warship that looks like the large head of a crocodile so it is armed with large teeth and some weapons. The hind legs are its propellers while the front legs have claws and serve as the detachable mini-boats. Crugger’s ship is also loaded with a movable blaster turret which is manned by Crominus. The most recognizable feature of this boat are its two large pods that look like croc’s large eyes and serve as the manning pods. This could be the largest fighting ship of the croc’s tribe.

There are six minifigures included in this set which is probably one of the Chima’s sets that have the largest number of characters. These are Crugger, Crominus, Crawler, Leonidas, Lennox and Rawzom. There are also two lion jet skis featured on this set which are obviously being used by Leonidas and Lennox in fighting off Crugger’s team. Set has 609 pieces in all and ideal for ages 8-14.

(Note: Item 7007 – Eglor’s Twin Bike, 7008 – Gorzan’s Gorilla Striker, 7009 – Worriz’ Combat Lair and 7010 – The Lion Chi Temple are to be released in June or late part of 2013).

70011 – Eagle’s Castle

7011 – Eagle’s Castle

The unique thing about this set is that by putting up the assembly, what you get is not actually the vehicle type of figure but a mini-castle with weapons and has Ewald’s pillar at the top. To play this castle, you have to hit the front tower with a Speedorz so there include in the set the lion and wolf Speedorz, 2 power-ups, 2 rip cords, 12 Chi and 10 game cards. Once you hit the front tower with the speeding Speedorz, the pillar of Ewald shoots up and the eagle’s wings will spring out in an instant. The minifigures included here are eagle’s leader Ewald, Worriz of the wolf tribe and Lennox of the lion tribe. The minifigures all have their assorted weapons. You can have a lot of fun racing the Speedorz and hitting the tower to shoot up Ewald’s pillar. The set has 369 pieces and suit kids ages 7 – 14.

70012 Razar’s Chi Rider

70012 Razar’s Chi Rider


This set has the minifigures of Razar and Rizzo who are both from the raven tribe and Ewar of eagle tribe. The assembly figure is a raven’s tribe flying rider which is the counterpart of the eagle’s interceptor. As a fighting flying vehicle, the Chi Rider is equipped with four flick missles, a bladed tail (made of plastic of course), and claws. This is manned by Razar and Razar’s goal is to sneak to the eagle’s tribe to grab some Chi stone so this is Ewar’s nightmare as he has to defend the Chi to prevent it from getting stolen so he must shoot Razar’s Chi rider with his Chi cannon to repel it.

This set includes a mini eagle Chi temple and Rizzo’s Chi weapon. The recognizable part of the Chi rider is its large beak-like head that can be closed and opened.  You will also like the Chi cannon of Ewar that shoots up Razar’s rider. There are 412 pieces in this set and suit kids ages 8-14.

70013 – Equila’s Ultra Striker

70013 – Equila’s Ultra Striker

If we talk about the various tribes’ mega-armed vehicles, perhaps Equila’s striker is one of the best looking fighting vehicles that can ultimately beat them all. The striker is much like a fighting tank and has large wings so it can also be a flying striker. It has massive rubber tracks, double eagle rocket shooters and large front claws to clear tracks. It also has a superb injection system to easily detach the pod, spread its wings and turn into a flying fighting jet.

Equila is supposed to be the greatest warriors among the eagles in the eagle tribe while Eglor is the weapons specialist and he is also in this Legends of Chima set. There is also Wilhurt of the wolf tribe with his large double-bladed axe. The set also includes assorted weapons with firing rockets, 339 pieces in all and suited for kids ages 8 – 14. This can definitely be one of your best collectibles among fighting machines of the characters found on the legends of Chima.

(Note: Item number 70014 – The Croc Swamp Hideout is due to be released in June until August). 

70100 – Speedorz’ Razar Ring of Fire

70100 – Speedorz’ Razar Ring of Fire

This set is exclusive for pure play with Razar’s Speedor. The game is for you to make Razar jumps his raven Speedor through the Ring of Fire to take the Chi stone. By pulling the rip cord through the Speedor, it race up to the ramp and flies through the ring. You can attach the power-up on your Speedor to make it look like it is exhausting flames. You can also resize the ring and make it smaller as you compete with your friends’ Speedors. The set contains 83 pieces, Razar’s minifigures, 2 weapons, a Speedor with its rip cord, a ramp, 6 Chi stones, 2 fire cones, power-up for flame-fueled leaps and 5 game cards. You can always test your accuracy and timing with this set and can be played by one or more players.

These are the second set of Lego Legends of Chima that will be released starting January up to February. You can also check them out on many websites and know more about their specs. We will continue to present more sets in the coming articles to enable you to have ideas on what in store for you with the worthy collectible sets of legends of Chima.





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