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The Gorilla Tribe And The Gorilla Striker Of The Legends Of Chima

LEGO Legends of Chima have still many things that will really surprise us in the coming months. Aside from the first wave of collectible Chima sets that are composed of the five animal tribes’ war vehicles with their minifigures and the various Speedor sets, we finally have a glimpse of the gorilla tribe incoming first set. This set is the 70008 Gorzan’s Gorilla Striker. Though we have presented so many details about the five animal tribes’ characters including their weapons, we know that the gorillas are also packed with special features and playing important part in the story of Chima.

So many of us are curious who the gorillas are but due to the late release of their sets which are due on June or August this year, we are left with more curiosities in our minds. This is why we feel that we should tell you a bit of info about them specifically the gorilla warriors and Gorzan’s Striker.

The gorillas belong to the good tribes so they are ally of the lions and the eagles in protecting the Chi sacred pool from the three bad tribes. These tribes are the crocodiles, ravens and wolves. During our first viewing of the first two videos: Lego Legends of Chima – Episode 1 and Legends of Chima Episode 2 – The Great Story on Cartoon Network, we only have a glimpse of the gorillas playing and participating in Speedorz sport. They did not, however, participate in the war between the lions and the crocs along with their allies. But on some previews we find online, they are helping the lions in some ways so it is assured that they are part of the good tribes in the Legends of Chima.


From the first two Chima videos shown on Cartoon Network, we have expected to see the six animal tribes that made up the characters in Chima.  These are the lion, eagle, crocodile, raven, wolves and the gorilla tribes. But we were also happy to see that there were also the rhinoceros, bear and skunk characters in there. So that makes nine animal tribes in the Legends of Chima. We have also discovered that there will be the fox tribe in Chima. However, the rhinos, bears, skunks and the foxes are coming probably in summer so we still cannot gather detailed info about them. LEGO will have to surprise us with their arrival. About the Gorilla Tribe, since they will also be here in June or later, there are still very few information we can gather about them. But the good thing is we know who are the gorilla warriors already and these are:

Now about the ever first release of the Legends of Chima gorilla fighting machine which is the Gorilla Striker, this is actually a giant mecha-robot that has bananas as its ammunition for its cannon. This is very different from other animal tribes’ fighting machines. To tell you about the contents of the Striker set, here are what you can see:

70008 Gorzan’s Gorilla Striker

Gorzan’s Gorilla Striker

This set has:

    • Giant mechanical Gorilla Striker
    • Minifigures of Gorzan, G’loona, Grumlo and Rizzo (raven) with the Royal Hakraxx weapon
    • Gorillas’s sledge hammers
    • Rizzo’s glider and platform
    • Cannon balls
    • 505 pieces
    • Ideal for kids ages 8-14

The mecha-robot has movable arms and legs can fit in any gorilla on its head to man it. We are not sure though about the cannonballs if these are for firing. One thing that we also wonder about is that some people say that Gardo is included in this set but it says in the package that it’s Grumlo. Moreover, this set really looks fantastic and very unique if you lined it up with other animal tribes’ fighting war machines of the Legends of Chima. The designer really put his mind in creating a fighting machine that really suits the personality of the gorillas. The gorillas also have their amazing features. They look strong and powerful and in this first set we can see that their prints are really amazingly done.

As we monitor the incoming sets of Legends of Chima, we would also watch for new updates about the gorilla tribes and will write about it. So watch out for this and also wait for this 70008 Gorzan’s Gorilla Striker which will be released in June or August 2013. With it, you can have more fun with your collections of sets of the Legends of Chima.




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