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Category — New Sets Of The Legends Of Chima – June To August 2013 Issues

Amazing New Sets Of The Legends Of Chima – June To August 2013 Issues

LEGO Legends of Chima has already prepared some new sets ready for release on June to August 2013. And as of this moment, we can now anticipate on the coming of four major sets that will really add intensity to your already collected sets especially if you are particular in collecting the animal tribes’ war machines. What we are referring here are those we have seen on some Toy Fairs and though these are for display as of the moment, we feel that you must all know about it and will surely be glad to have these. Here are the four great collectible buildable sets scheduled for released on the said months:

We already have presented the gorilla tribe’s main war machine on our previous article which is the Gorilla Striker but as a refresher, these are what you can expect from the set:

70008 Gorzan’s Gorilla Striker

This set includes:

    • Giant mecha-robot with movable arms and legs
    • Minifigures of Gorzan, G’loona, Grumlo and Rizzo (raven)
    • Gorzan’s missile launcher and Rizzo’s Royal Hakraxx weapon
    • Gorillas’s sledge hammers
    • Rizzo’s platform and glider
    • Cannon balls
    • 505 pieces

On our other article, we also have presented the Lions’ CHI Temple and discussed about its features and contents. Again, here are what you can expect from this set:

Lion CHI Temple


    • Buildable Huge Lion CHI Temple
    • Minifigures of Lagravis, Longtooth, Laval, Ewald, Cragger and Razar
    • Laval’s, Cragger’s and Ewald’s fighting vehicles and weapons
    • Detachable Chi bubbles
    • 1,258 pieces
    • For kids ages: 8-14

We are still not keen on the details of the Lion Chi Temple set but based from the online videos we have reviewed, this set has these major parts. And now we would like to present to you the other new sets that have great potentials to sell and be well-liked by the LEGO Legends of Chima enthusiasts and collectors out there. First we start off with the one of the eagle’s vehicles which is the Eglor’s Twin Bike.

70007 Eglor’s Twin Bike

The Eglor’s Twin Bike is not like the orginary Speedor that other warriors in the Legends of Chima have. This bike is a huge one, two-wheeled, heavily built and has the features of the eagles specifically the wings and the eagle head. Its wheels are also huge while the design of the bike is a futuristic one like the fast large bikes the superheroes drive on films. The most amazing thing about this bike is its convertible feature. It can be a big bike on land but it can also be transformed into a fighting jet for aerial fight. Included in the set is Eglor and Razcal who also has his mini-chopper. This set has 223 pieces and suitable to play by kids ages 7 to 14. Probably, the designer named it twin bike because it is really huge and double purpose for its class.

Another amazing incoming fighting  vehicle of the Wolf’s tribe in the Legends of Chima is the Combat Lair. And these are all the things that we gathered about it.

70009 Worriz’ Combat Lair

The Combat Lair is an unbelievable vehicle of Worriz, the leader of the wolf warriors. Again, this is no ordinary vehicle like the ones found on the first release of Chima vehicle sets. This piece is a huge one and equipped with six large wheels. It is built like a tank and designed as an all-terrain vehicle. It is fully armored, has the gray and red color theme of the wolves and the designer made it to have the complete features of a tough fighting vehicle.

The Combat Lair set aside from Worriz also include five minifigures which include Wakz, Windra, Wilhurt, Eris and Grizzam (gorilla warrior). Windra is the new female warrior of the wolf tribe. To complete the set with amazing pieces, there is also the chopper of the wolf tribe which may be the fighting vehicle of Windra. This set has 664 pieces and suitable for kids ages 8-14.

All these sets have incredible pieces and we can say that they are really thought about by their designers because of their highly advanced and upgraded designs. If you want to complete your Legends of Chima sets with a blast, wait for these sets. Right now they are on display on some Toy Fairs particularly in New York and according to their tags, they will surely be released by August although we have gathered that some of it will be released in June 2013. So stay put and wait for these unbelievable pieces. When it comes to finding incredible buildable pieces that have the animal theme in it, you can always find it on the Legends of Chima.

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